Our Sailing Charters

A range of charter options are available to suit every occasion.
All packages include hire of yacht, skipper and one crew, hands on sailing experience and tuition, plus two complimentary drinks (beer, soft drink or bottled water).


6 Hours

10:00am to 4:00pm
A full day of sailing with a stopover in one of the islands' many sheltered bays to relax, swim and soak up the fresh sea breeze. For lunch, BYO picnic on-board.

 Monday to Thursday: HK$7,600
Friday to Sunday: HK$8,700

*Base price includes 1-4 guests for 6 hours.
Up to 2 additional guests & increased hours can be quoted on request.


3 Hours

 ​10:00am to 1:00pm or
2:00pm to 5:00pm

A half day of non-stop sailing fun. Take a turn on the wheel and enjoy the exhilaration - true sailing pleasure! 

Monday to Thursday: HK$4,800
Friday to Sunday: HK$5,200

*Base price includes 1-4 guests for 3 hours.
Up to 2 additional guests & increased hours can be quoted on request.


3 Hours

3:30pm to 6:30pm
Enjoy a glass of complimentary champagne on-board a private charter for two, whilst watching glorious views of the sun setting over the Lantau Peaks. 

Monday to Thursday: HK$4,000 
 Friday to Sunday: HK$5,000

*Base price include 2 guests for 3 hours.
Up to 4 additional guests & increased hours can be quoted on request.


Full Day or Half Day

A unique way to celebrate a special occasion - birthdays, anniversaries, engagements. Adapt an existing itinerary or build your own. ​ Get in touch to find out more.

Pricing available on request


Full Day or Half Day

Individual bookings available to join a shared charter (4-6 guests on-board). Contact us or follow us on social media for the next mixed Charter Day.

Pricing available on request


3 Hours

 10:00am to 1:00pm
For individuals who want to experience sailing for the first time on a shared charter (max. 4 guests on-board).
On-board demonstrations and practice in boat handling, sailing skills, terminology and confidence building at basic levels.

HK$2,500 per guest


Max. 6 Guests 

A sailing adventure to seek hidden pirate plunder, an exciting treasure hunt for the whole family. Hong Kong once had its very own Jack Sparrow, his name was Cheung Po Tsai and in the early to mid 1800’s he commanded over 600 pirate ships around our coasts. There are caves on the islands around Hong Kong where these pirates hid their treasure and many people believe there could still be an undiscovered cave full of treasure just waiting to be discovered.

Come sail the seas & Islands once patrolled by Cheung Po Tsai’s pirates. Follow treasure maps to their secret hideouts, look for clues and answer riddles that could lead to real buried treasure!

Pricing available on request


Max. 6 Guests

The seas around southwestern coast of Hong Kong and its Islands still holds remnants to its historic past. From the late Neolithic period through to the pirates and traders of the Qing Dynasty to the settlement of Hong Kong by the British and two World Wars, they have all left reminders of times gone by.

Join us on a sailing trip while we point out significant local features along these coasts discussing landmarks, places & people and their contribution to the history of Hong Kong.

No sailing experience is necessary. Just sit back and enjoy the ride while we take you on an Island sailing journey with an aspect on local history.

Pricing available on request

Sail with us

Contact us for a quotation and list of available dates.

To take part in our "Start Crewing" program and join a group session, call us to register and provide preferred dates. Sailing sessions will go ahead once sufficient numbers have expressed interest for a particular date.

Charter Inclusions

All packages include hire of yacht, skipper and one crew, hands on sailing experience and tuition, plus two complimentary drinks (beer, soft drink or bottled water).

Charter fees exclude meals ashore, water taxi service to/from restaurants, island ferries and transport to/from the pick-up point. Please also note that under international maritime ordinance, a crew, passenger or guest aboard any vessel is deemed a 'person' with no allowance for age.

For pricing inquiries, please contact us at
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 98034059 Wayne | 98038049 Myrna  


We accept payment by bank transfer or Pay Pal. Payment details will be supplied on receiving a booking request. We require a 50% deposit at the time of enquiry to secure a Charter booking date. No dates can be reserved until a deposit is paid. The balance to be paid in full 1 week before you begin your charter. No charter can commence until proof of all payments has been received. For booking requests within 1 week of enquiry, payment must be made in full before conformation can be made. Please note the number of guests on the day must match the number of guests booked unless prior arrangement has been agreed.