Start Crewing

"Start Crewing" sessions

A very worthwhile yacht familiarisation and experience useful to people who are: ​
• Dinghy sailors converting from dinghies to yachts.
• Taking Pleasure Vessel License courses.
• Considering chartering a yacht on holiday. ​
• Contemplating purchasing their own boat. ​
• Gain experience in order to become crew on yachts.

Half day "Start Crewing" sessions

Can be arranged for groups of 4-6 people. Individuals have the option to register their name and available dates to join a group session. Sailing sessions will go ahead once sufficient numbers have expressed interest. ​​Bookings are available weekdays or weekends. ​

No sailing experience necessary! ​

“Hands-on” practical sessions for those eager to learn about sailing or gain further experience on the water. We offer the opportunity for beginners to experience 'big boat' sailing at the very basic level. After a few sessions participants should have developed sufficient knowledge about yachts and boat handling so as to be able to crew on a yacht proficiently and safely. Note that we are not sailing school and our Hands-On "Start Crewing" sessions are not certified courses. We mainly operate recreational day or half day Sailing Charters, but we do also provide the opportunity for total beginners the chance to get out on the water with like minded guests on a shared charter to see and learn what sailing is about. 

Sail with us

Contact us today for further details of our "Start Crewing" program schedule and options.